Spyderco Rescue Assist

The more activities you do outside, the more you’ll find yourself looking for a reliable well-rounded knife. I’ve looked at hundreds of knives over the years from many different retailers and varying brands. I’ve consistently been disappointed… until now.

Spyderco, a Colorado company, makes the perfect knife for every outdoor enthusiast; The Spyderco Rescue Assist.


Built to perfection for paramedics, this multipurpose tool deserves a spot in your pack for any activity potentially requiring self rescue. This purpose built knife can cut or “chomp” just about  anything, including climbing rope, rappel slings, seat-belts and clothing. It can break glass with its built in retractable carbide tip that protrudes out from the base when compressed and can alert others using the embedded handle whistle.  The high friction handle can be securely gripped in any scenario and the base lanyard loop makes for easy carrying on your alpine rack. From canyoneering to alpine backpacking, this rescue knife will always be with me.

Spend your time underwater blowing bubbles? Scuba divers should snag the “salt” version.