Immersive – The Code Inception

I snapped this photo the moment before I wrote the first line of code for Immersive. I was on an extended month long vacation with friends in Kauai, Hawaii. The trip was a celebration of life for my good late friend Ed Bortolini. We were staying on Poipu Beach and enjoyed everything from helicopter rides, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, great dinning, and even backpacked the Kalalau trail.

I started with a programming language I didn’t know, using a framework I had never heard of, solving a problem I had never thought about in an industry I knew nothing about. My only motivation was to create something new. Oh… and I did it for free with no binding contract. Immersive’s code base still uses much of this code today and demos of it working are now plastered all over the internet. A mere 9 months later Immersive has generated a lot of press and obtained several clients. See below for just a small fraction of the coverage. E ho’a’o no i pau kuhihewa!

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