First Flatiron

Today I accomplished a 20 year old goal of climbing
the First Flatiron above Boulder, Colorado. I initially set the goal when I was ten years old at summer camp out hiking with peers.  I had no idea it would take two decades to get around to doing it!

The First Flatiron is an iconic Boulder climb that offers spectacular views. Despite the inability to place good protection it’s a fantastic classic climb. The climbing is relatively easy. Depending on the route its rated about a 5.5 or 5.6 all the way to the top. The most challenging aspect of the climb is the high exposure level and lack of opportunities to place protection (the possibility of a 40 foot fall is common).

My friend Tim and I did it as a 5 pitch “trad” climb, but it is very common for people to climb it without gear. The climb ends with a well protected 100 foot free rap off the back side of the flatiron. I had a blast and cant wait to do it again!